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The Basics of Claim Letters & Accident Notes in Personal Injury Claims

Claim letters aren't the only thing you should put in writing - make sure everything is in writing.

Not only does it make you look organized, but it means you actually are organized. It also means every last piece of communication is easily confirmed and referred to. This is why claim letters are letters, and not phone calls.

You'll need the insurance adjuster to be able to study and refer to your claim letter during the time your claim is open. If claims were handled entirely over the phone, cases would rest on how well the adjuster took notes. Having the information in writing assures that the adjuster is regularly faced with your side of the story.

There are other things you'll want to have in writing. These include accident notes, injury notes and notes on conversations with witnesses. This information will come into play later on, especially if your case goes to court.

Imagine you have written notes detailing every aspect of your claim beginning on the day of the accident, and the defendant is relying on memory only. Who is the judge more likely to believe?

The insurance adjuster needs to be shown how organized you are from the beginning. Fill your claim letter with your detailed notes and you'll impress the adjuster with the knowledge and information you've gathered. You'll be presenting yourself as someone who knows exactly what you're talking about and who won't be taken advantage of.

Other things that will help your claim letter are notes and documents from other people. You don't want to simply relate from memory what the police officer said, you want to quote from the actual police report. The same is true for your medical records, reports and bills. These things should be referred to directly, so the adjuster knows your case is based on documented facts, not just your memory.

Don't forget there are damages other than medical. Get documentation from your Human Resources department for any days of work you missed. Make sure this includes information on the pay you lost as a result of those missed days.

While you want to keep your personal notes for yourself, you should include any damage confirmation documents with your claim letter. Only send copies though, and keep the originals for yourself. Be sure to state in your claim letter that those documents are included.

About author:

Arthur Gueli works with his brother Charles (a licensed personal injury attorney) teaching injured people how to protect their rights and obtain fair compensation for their damages. Learn more about filing a personal injury claim at this page on their free educational website: article is free for republishing

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